Asbestos Uses

Uses of Asbestos

Raw Asbestos



Insulating wire

Compound for encasing of motor windings

Filling for asbestos mattress insulation

Wall plugging compound

Insulation of batteries (loose fibre)

Plaster and stucco

Coating for welding rods

In cheese making (spores were placed on asbestos)




Sprayed Asbestos

Insulation of batteries (loose fibre)

Reinforcement in plastics

High temperature insulation

In foundations (to resist shock)

In the theatre, dust on cobwebs, old wine kegs, snow scenes, etc

Filter fires and filter pads

Automobile body undercoating

Insulation for walls and floors (loose fibre)

Insulation in underground conduits (loose fibre)

Wadding in cartridges and timing devices

Railway Sleepers

Packing for explosives or other materials


Asbestos Yarn


Gaskets and gasket cloth

Wick for oil burning

Fire retardant hose

Gas mask filters

Stocking for lead cable

Brake Lining

Twine or sewing thread

Electric fixture wire covering

Tape Electrical and other Tubing

Electric cable covering

Steam hose

Packing (valve stem, braided and other)

Gas Mantles

Clutch facings


Spark plugs


Asbestos Cloth

Packing sheet (high pressure, folded or wound)

Draperies, Bags and diaphragms (in oxygen producing)

Filtering (fruit juices, acids, wines, beers etc)


Filter sack in Automobiles

Padding Prison Cells

Insulation against noise and vibration (especially in air planes



Hangings for fire stops

Blankets in electrolyser cells

Facing for dryer felt

Filter in dust collectors

Padding for laundry presses and mangles

Conveyor belting

In cheese making to control temperature

Clutch facings

Clothing – suits, gloves, leggings


Theatre Curtains

Oven insulation

Lining of laboratories, cooling chambers and other rooms

In various medical test apparatus

Ironing board covers

Brake lining (folded and stitched)



Theatre Scenery

Portable motion picture booths

Protectors for gas bags in balloons

Wrapping oil tanks and oil lines in engines

Fittings for aeroplanes

Asbestos insulation mattresses

Blankets for fire fighting

Floor lining in theatres

Motion picture screen

Asbestos faced wipers in commutators

Lining of car foot boards

Sand bags for pressing hats

In hay curing to preserve aroma and colour


Substitutes for canvas or insulation where temperature are high (lagging cloth)

In acoustical treatment

Gun Grips

Lining in motors


Umbrellas and shields (protecting fireman)


Asbestos Felt

In Acoustical work


On Paper machines

Protection of underground pipe

Padding in pianos



Asbestos Tape

Wick for oil burning

Winding bus bars

Insulating electric wires on planes and ships.

Pull strings for ovens

General Lab uses: insulation of flasks, test tubes, resorts, tie straps in diffusing materials

Insulating armatures

In glass manufacture


Wick Packing

As Packing For piping of wire, armour plate or galvanised materials


Asbestos Paper

Air cell and other pipe coverings

Linings of stoves & heaters

In welding and other processes for protection from heat.

In annealing (crumpled paper)

Covering of rock wool blankets



Radiator covers


Reinforced with cotton thread for car tops

Backing for floor tiles

Asbestos felt roofing

Wick on ail burning

Linings of: filing cabinets, soldiers’ helmets, auto mufflers, drum controllers, electric appliances, armored car roofs, enameling ovens

Boiler jackets

Asbestos built-up roofing

Gaskets in the electrical industry


Insulation of ovens and dry kilns

Wrapping of wires and cables.

Construction of air ducts

Asbestos protected metal roof sheet

Wrapping of electrical wire

Diaphragm in electrolytic cell

Reinforcing aluminum foil for insulation

In window glass machinery to guide hot sheets; to shield hot glass from flying fragments

Wrapping of hop air pipes

Tank Covers

In chemistry physics in many various ways

Insulating exhausts on cars

Table pads and mats

Backing Sheets

Asbestos Millboard

Stoves and heaters

Bottoms of brooder stoves

Washers in electrical apparatus

Motion picture booths

Ovens and dry kilns

Paddles in glass mills

Simmering mats


As fireproof wallboard

In metal clad doors

Table pads and mats

Dry cleaning machines

Ceiling over boilers, smoke stacks, etc

Iron stands

Electric switch boxes

Garbage incinerators

Gaskets plain and metallic


Hoods of cars

Tent shields and stove pipe rings

Stove mats


Asbestos Cement, flat sheets and wallboards

Air brick connecting piece

Backing for dies (in molded glass)

Back water

Control Pumps

Baffle boxes

Beam Casings

Blackout or bombproof board

Brake shoes for elevators

Brick type siding

Cabinets and panel box work

Cable conduits


Ceiling tiles

Chimneys (mock)

Cladding products


Cold water storage cisterns


Column casings

Conveyor buckets

Cooling tower elements


Cyclones and connectors

Decking sheets

Draining Boards

Electric motor casings


Fire proof layer

Fire protection around engines

Fish rearing tanks

Flower Boxes

Flue pipes

Fume Cabinets

GPO distribution pillars

Gutters, domestic and industrial

Heat retainers in night storage heaters

Hoods over machines or vats

Insulation boards

Insulators between phases and arc deflectors

Interior sheeting

Laboratory table tops

Lining of fireless cookers

Lining for bleaching and other tanks and vats

Louvre Blades

Mounting of test instruments and gauges

Partitions movable and fixed


Plant Containers



Practice bombs

Prorogation beds in horticulture


Rabbit hutches


River banking

Roofing products

Scum boards

Semi portable motion picture booths

Switch boards

Tile Batten sheets

Ventilation ducts

Water Pipes

Water meter Chambers

Window sills

Window Boxes